About Me

I'm Abegail Cotoner, a professional based in Cebu, Philippines.

Abegail Cotoner - Cebu Philippines

I am a passionate and dedicated professional with a background in Information and Communication Technology.

My professional career began in the BPO industry, where I worked as a call center agent at Convergys, now known as Concentrix. This was my first job, and at that time, I needed to secure employment quickly. The BPO sector provided the immediate opportunity I required. Despite not being directly related to my degree, this experience was invaluable. It honed my communication skills, taught me the importance of customer service, and gave me a strong work ethic.

However, as time passed, I realized my true passion lay in the technology field. Motivated by this realization, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and pursue a career aligned with my degree. This led me to apply for a position at Accenture as a Workday Consultant. Despite lacking direct experience in IT, I was thrilled to be hired for this role. It was a significant turning point that allowed me to immerse myself in the IT industry and develop my technical skills.

In addition to my role at Accenture, I was inspired by a close friend who successfully transitioned into freelancing. Her ability to work from anywhere and the flexibility it offered was incredibly appealing. This inspiration, combined with my growing passion for technology, motivated me to explore the freelancing world.

I am relatively new to freelancing, but I am committed to developing my skills. I have been actively participating in bootcamps and training programs to become proficient in SEO and virtual assistance. While I recognize that I have much to learn, I am confident in my abilities and my capacity to grow. I am dedicated to continuously improving and becoming an expert in my field.

Skills and Expertise

  • Workday Consulting: Leveraging my experience at Accenture, I have developed strong skills in Workday, a leading HR software platform.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): I have undergone rigorous training to understand the intricacies of SEO, from keyword research to on-page and off-page optimization techniques.
  • Virtual Assistance: My background in customer service and my new training have equipped me with the skills necessary to support clients effectively as a virtual assistant.

I believe that passion and dedication are the keys to success. My journey from the BPO industry to IT consulting and now to freelancing demonstrates my commitment to following my passion and continuously improving myself. I am excited about the opportunities that freelancing offers and am eager to contribute my skills to clients around the world.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about me. I look forward to connecting with you and exploring how we can collaborate to achieve great results.

Please feel free to contact me for any freelancing opportunities or to connect professionally.

Abegail Cotoner Cebu

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